We live in a highly visual age but getting the best picture doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a fortune.

Collective Audiovisual Solutions can provide friendly expert guidance and projector and screen installation services for all your home theatre needs.

The rapid development of modern projection technology and the vast range of audio visual products can feel overwhelming for some people.

And when you can’t decide on the right home theatre projector or you’re confused by the difference between LED, LCD or screens, roll down, fixed or motorised or you’re getting your pixels all blown out of proportion then it’s time to visit Collective Audiovisual Solutions.


Whether you wish to upgrade an existing home theatre setup or create a new home cinema from the ground up Collective Audiovisual Solutions has the ideal solution for you.

Jess will not only make the whole installation a breeze but he will fine tune your projector and screen for stunning visual performance.

Jess has additional product certifications in RTI, Crestron, and C-bus and his engineering knowledge and expertise will ensure your home theatre system is optimised for your requirements and home environment.

Visit Collective Audiovisual Solutions today for the visible difference in home theatre design and installation.

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Home Theatre Screens - the bigger picture

Projector distance from screen is critical. This distance (throw distance) is critical for image size and clarity.

Screen placement is important, ideally place the screen on a wall where no direct light falls.

Projector vertical offset—the height the projector needs to be mounted for correct alignment with the screen.

Height is important both for viewer comfort, sight lines, and for effective projector throw distance.



It can all sound very complicated especially when you start comparing all the different brands and models available.

But Jess Bonsignore (owner and technician) is an electrical engineer and qualified sound and recording engineer and he is happy to talk you through the process of designing and buying all your home theatre projector and screen needs.

And his projector installation service is second to none.

Visit Collective Audiovisual Solutions today for the visible difference in home theatre design and installation.