Modern home theatre systems can provide the cinema like sound and vision experience you desire and they don’t necessarily need to cost the earth.

We can supply the perfect system for your needs whether you want to add a home theatre system to an existing multipurpose room such as your lounge or to fit out a custom built theatre room.

With our expert advice we can help you build a home theatre system that will provide superior sound quality that has crystal clear dialogue, strong spatial definition, full and rich harmonic frequency range, and total surround sound.


Gone are the days when home entertainment consisted of a 3 in 1 stereo with two large box speakers and a TV and VCR/DVD player.

It is now possible to have a home theatre system in your own home that offers a completely integrated experience.

Music listening experience just like being at a live concert, or

Cinema quality viewing and listening pleasure for movies, pay TV, smart TV, free to air TV, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

Your home theatre system can be connected with other rooms in the house and controlled from your iPad or other smart device.

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Why Go To The Cinema When You Can Have It All In Your Home?

We even supply specialised lighting for a complete cinema experience. Our expertise covers the range of home theatre equipment including:

5.1 or 7.1 surround sound systems, Plasma and LCD screens, and motorised, fixed or pull down screens, Acoustic panels, and lighting.



It is. And with the ability to connect with your computer and other smart devices a whole galaxy of entertainment options awaits you.

Your home entertainment system provides the perfect excuse to gather your friends around for the World Cup finals or any other sporting event.

Or imagine watching your favourite opera in glorious full screen opulence with the thrilling clarity of surround sound. Immerse yourself in the total emotion of the events unfolding onscreen.


It really helps to have the advice and guidance of experts when looking through the vast range of home theatre systems available today.

Jess Bonsignore (owner of Collective Audio Visual Solutions) brings the benefit of his knowledge as an electrical engineer and qualified sound and recording engineer to help you design the best system for your needs and budget.

Jess has additional product certifications in RTI, Crestron, and Clipsal to ensure your home theatre system will provide the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Many people don’t understand the importance of setting up home theatre systems to suit the room dimensions and design.

Having the most expensive home theatre system is not necessarily going to give you what you want but Collective Audio Visual Solutions can put together a system to satisfy your requirements without compromising your budget.