Home automation is all about using technology to make your life easier


Home automation is the way of the future and offers almost limitless possibilities for taking control of your home.

Web connectivity allows you to monitor your home energy use, see what’s happening around your home through security cameras, and adjust lighting all from your Ipad or Android tablet wherever you are in the world.

Imagine being able to check your home security even when you’re on holiday or perhaps you’ll be late home from work but it’s no problem because you can set the lights to come on for you and have the temperature jut the way you like it for your arrival.


Home automation is all about using technology to make your life easier.

Home automation systems offer you the convenience, energy efficiency, and security of automatically adjusting many important functions in your home such as:

  • Lighting—motion sensors, dimmers and automated adjustments for personal preferences and time of day
  • Temperature—automated adjustments of heating or cooling and fans in each room of the house can bring you enormous energy savings and lower energy bills
  • Home entertainment systems—imagine your personal choice of music, TV channels or films and volume levels turned on automatically for you
  • Open or close curtains and skylights at preset times of the day
  • Automatically lock doors and turn on security alarms at preset times for increased security—especially useful if you are the forgetful type
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Get smart with your home

Smart technology for the home is developing so rapidly that it can be a little overwhelming for most people.

Expert advice can really help you make the most of the wide range of smart products available.



Home automation systems offer more than just labour-saving convenience.

Being able to monitor and control all the electrical systems in your home provides a complete and accurate picture of your energy use.

Many smart home devices come bundled with clever apps that allow you to compare energy use from one day to the next, identify times when energy requirements are highest and adjust your energy use to take into account those times of reduced demand. You can save money on each and every energy bill.

And you can do all this from your iPad, smartphone or laptop—now that’s really smart.

Home automation can even reduce the money you need to spend on audio visual equipment because one centralised DVD player or music system can be streamed to multiple rooms.

Having your home professionally wired for future smart home developments and requirements is a smart investment too especially if you are doing a new build.

Increasingly home buyers are looking for smart capability in their homes and it’s no longer a case of keeping up with the Jones but of being prepared for a better future.

Jess Bonsignore (owner of Collective Audiovisual Solutions) is an electrical engineer and qualified sound and recording engineer. Jess has additional certifications as a Crestron, RTI, and Clipsal home automation products installer.

Make the most of his experience and knowledge to help you get the smart home you want at a price you can afford. It’s just smart thinking really.