Outstanding home entertainment experience and superior quality sound system installation go hand in hand.

In fact, the right choice and correct installation of your new home theatre sound system is probably the most effective and most important part of your financial investment.

There are so many ways to get your custom sound installation wrong. Poor choice of equipment for room dimensions or simply installed incorrectly—we’ve seen it all.

At best you miss out on the amazing cinema experience you were looking for and paid for. But you could also run into major interference and feedback issues that are expensive to fix.

That’s why it pays to come to the experts for your home sound system installations. And quality sound system installation starts with getting the right equipment for your needs.


Visit Collective Audiovisual Solutions and find out how easily you can have the home theatre surround system of your dreams installed in your home without the expensive mistakes.

Our specially designed acoustic showroom allows you to experience different brand/model setups before you buy.

Jess Bonsignore (owner and technician) is an electrical engineer and qualified sound and recording engineer and he is happy to share his vast experience and knowledge with you.

He can help you clarify your sound system requirements and design a package that will give you a home cinema experience that’s out of this world.

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Surround sound—expert installation makes the difference

Collective Audiovisual Solutions have all the solutions for your home theatre installation hassles including mutli room wiring

Connecting into an existing smart home wiring system, and creating a futureproof wiring system for your future home theatre needs.



When you let the experts take the hassle out of sound system installation you take out the dramas as well.

Thanks to the expertise of Collective Audiovisual Solutions you can be belting out your opera favourites in the bathroom in no time at all while your teen rock wannabes are doing their best air guitar moves in the privacy of their bedroom.

Let Collective Audiovisual Solutions help you take that first step to a superior quality home theatre experience.

When you can fill your home with music and laughter you have a wealth beyond compare.